Court support for #StopDSEI arrestees (October multiple dates)

There were a few arrests during the DSEI protests. People are due to appear in court on the dates below. It would be great if as many people as possible could turn up to support those arrested.

Thames Magistrate Court
58 Bow Road, London, E3 4DJ (nearest station: Bow Road)

7th October, 10.30am (1 person)
9th October, 9.30am (5 people) : (FB event for one of the defendants is here:… )
12th October, 9.30am (5 people)
13th October, 9.30am (1 person)

If you know someone who was arrested during the arms fair protests, ring Green and Black Cross on 07946 541 511. The Green and Black Cross website has a lot of useful information on knowing your rights; what to do if you get arrested, and how to support someone who has been arrested.

If you can be on-hand to offer court support, email [email protected]

Facebook event:

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