Anarchism is the philosophy that says we don’t need governments and bosses, we can make communities based on mutual aid and solidarity. Anarchism means rejecting all forms of domination, oppression, and exploitation, and living as free as we can, right here right now. Anarchism is a living tradition of struggle and creation.

Anarchism is the most beautiful idea we know. We think we need to get the positive message out about what anarchism really means. What can we learn from more than 200 years of anarchist history? What can anarchism mean in the 21st century?

Send us ideas, texts, links and we will add them to this page.

Some interesting recent anarchist texts:

The anarchist ethic in the age of the Anti-Globalisation movement

Not an intro to anarchism, but directly relevant for anarchists thinking about our role in mobilisations like StopG8. This was written a few years back in the heyday of the big summit actions (Seattle, Genoa, etc.), but is still relevant today. One-off spectacular demos and actions against symbols like the G8 certainly aren’t all that our politics is about, but they can play a part.


Very thought-provoking and insightful recent text. “The world will not be ‘saved’. Global anarchist revolution is not going to happen. Global climate change is now unstoppable. We are not going to see the worldwide end to civilisation/capitalism/patriarchy/authority. It’s not going to happen any time soon. It’s unlikely to happen ever. The world will not be ‘saved’. Not by activists, not by mass movements, not by charities and not by an insurgent global proletariat.” Okay, so what do we do now?


Some thoughts and reading on anarchism and black liberation struggles.

Some introductions to anarchism:

Anarchy 101 by Bob Black. A nice, short, recent intro to anarchism in plain language by a North American anarchist. Not all anarchists will agree with everything he says. But that’s part of what makes anarchism so great: we don’t all have to follow the same party line.

Anarchism: a definition by Stuart Christie. A short recent definition.

Anarchism: a very short introduction by Colin Ward. Short book (about 100 pages) to download.

What is Anarchism? by Alexander Berkman. A Classic from 1928.

The Anarchist Tension by Alfredo Bonnano. Not really an introduction, but one person’s deeper view on “what it means to be an anarchist” today (written in the late 20th century), by the Italian anarchist and insurrectionist.

Loads more introductions and other texts on anarchism can be found at

Anarchist websites:

There are many. Here are just some more active ones, from quite different perspectives.

Ian Bone UK anarchist blog by founder of Class War, always a good read

Freedom Press London’s 125 year old anarchist bookshop and newspaper, acting as an infopoint for Stop G8 week.

325 insurrectionist anarchist site, news of militant actions from around the world

a-infos multi-lingual inter-national anarchist news site

actforfreedomnow insurrectionist anarchist site with news from the struggle in greece and elsewhere

anarchist federation an anarchist-communist organisation

anarchist news US site that aims “to provide a non-sectarian source for news about and of concern to anarchists”

anarchy101 post a question about anarchism and get a few different answers

baring teeth blog on anarchism and animal liberation

christiebooks has a massive collection of films about anarchism you can watch online

IWW a non-hierarchical trade union, not strictly anarchist but with many anarchist members and ideas

Libcom. This is not exactly an anarchist website. But it has a very big and interesting library, and can be a good place to find information on workers’ struggles around the world

solidarity federation anarcho-syndicalist group: i.e., anarchists who emphasise organising in workplaces


I believe that, thanks to our free actions, individual or collective, we can arrive at a future of love, fraternity and equality. I desire for all just what I desire for myself: the freedom to act, to love, to think. That is, I desire anarchy for all humanity. I believe that in order to achieve this we should make a social revolution. But I am also of the opinion that in order to arrive at this revolution it is necessary to free ourselves from all kinds of prejudices, conventionalisms, false moralities and absurd codes. And, while we wait for this great revolution to break out, we have to carry out this work in all the actions of our existence. And indeed in order to make this revolution come about, we can’t just content ourselves with waiting but need to take action in our daily lives. Wherever possible, we should act from the point of view of an anarchist, that is, of a human being.” America Scarfò, Argentinian anarchist writing in 1928, then aged 16.



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