Here is an archive of the main decisions made at Stop G8 network meetings. In the future we will record decisions of the Anarchist Action Network here

Meeting 1. Brighton 15 July 2012.

Agreed to adopt PGA Hallmarks provisionally. But we will make a statement to clarify the context in relation to religious fundamentalism. (There were some concerns around way language of “religious fundamentalism” has been adopted by far right to target muslims, since the PGA hallmarks were originally written).

Cannot proceed with detailed planning until sure where location would be held.

Ask groups to support mobilisation and call-out.

Hold a number of meetings around the country to get more people involved: workshop at Earthfirst Summer Gathering – First weekend of Augus; Meeting in Birmingham Saturday 22nd September; Possible subsequent meeting in Manchester.

Meeting 2. Birmingham 22 September 2012.

To mobilise for a week of action, 8th – 15th June. Call-out to be made.

The problem is capitalism, not just austerity, and we should work towards explaining this in an accessible way. One of the objectives is to join the dots between austerity and capitalism

We are agreed that this group adopts the PGA hallmarks, non-hierarchy and consensus.

Set up an e-mail discussion list specifically on this issue which will attempt to bring a proposal(s) on structure to the next meeting, taking into consideration that we have adopted PGA hallmarks, non-hierarchy and consensus.

We will have two objectives: 1. That we mobilise for the week against the G8;  2. That this network looks beyond the G8 to rebuilding the anti-capitalist movement in this country.

To issue a call for an anti-capitalist presence on the October 20th march, the details to be resolved

A couple of groups have donated money to StopG8; this money should be available to spend on flyers / leaflets.

Recap of decisions recorded at meeting held in Brighton on 15th July: To build a new network, rather than try to reinstate old ones; to adopt PGA hallmarks (with clarification over second hallmark); for facilitation to be rotated, no-one to do more than two meetings in a row. Group formed on basis that it was to organise for a mass mobilisation, on non-hierarchical basis. Was also agreed that we would seek to create links between G8 and austerity, and use austerity as a global link.

Meeting 3. Nottingham November 2-3 2012.


Agreed to continue as a loose network for the time being, but that this issue will need to be revisited. To this end:

A meeting will be held after the G8 to see whether and how we continue, and what form and structure this will take.

In the meantime we will operate on the basis that:

Meetings are run on the basis that everyone attending will have an equal input in decision making, but the meeting will strive to achieve good consensus to reflect the views of those who cannot themselves attend.

Regional / affinity groups operate autonomously.

People are encouraged to get proposals in as soon as possible so that local/affinity groups are able to discuss them in advance of national meeting.

An Accessibility Group will be formed to look at removing obstacles to getting people to meetings eg travel costs, childcare, disability issues etc.


Agreed to establish two working groups:

- One to explore options and requirements of logistics in order to hold a mobilisation at the summit venue.

- One to look at exploring options to mobilise in London.

Agreement also reached re ensuring that proposed actions do not conflict, and action planning groups do not compete for resources / publicity.

Agreed to have an anti-capitalist day of action, by autonomous regional/affinity groups, on May 1st. Call-out to be made.

Other decisions

Agreed to adopt a formal constitution to enable StopG8 to open a bank account.

Meeting 4. Bristol 8-9 December 2012.

Coming soon …

Meeting 5. London

Coming soon …

Meeting 6. Manchester

Coming soon …

Meeting 7. London

Coming soon …

Meeting 8. Sat 27th – Sunday 28th April – Nottingham

Where we’re at so far:

We are holding a Week of action from the 10-14th June in London.There will be a mass day of action on June 11th (J11).Stop G8 will organise a Convergence space

Ireland – nothing firmer has come out from Ireland yet but there are actions planned on June 17th and 18th

Reports from working groups:

Events group – main day of talks on Sunday 9th June, skillshares on Monday 10th June and evening events throughout

International – People are emailing the international account asking for visa support

Infotour/Outreach – the London Radical Bookfair and Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair are booked as well as an Oxford meeting – there was an info meeting in Liverpool and there has been an infonight in Bristol and a talk at the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair. We will be taking Stop G8 flyers to Camp Frack in Yorkshire and Strawberry Fair and doing a stall and workshop at Strawberry Fair in Cambridge

Communications – reprints have been done of the sticker, J11 flyer and Week of Action flyer – an international/national mailout has been done – we need to do a second mailout soon

London Stop G8 – Stop G8 is going to be on the Mayday march with loads of flyers, We will make a call for action about Primark, Mango and Benetton in solidarity with Bangladeshi workers

Sussex Stop G8– is planning a piece of street theatre on 4th May in Worthing involving a guillotine plus there will be a squatted social space for Mayday and a picket of Primark.

J11: Carnival against Capitalism in the West End of London – we will announce the start points for the action 1 week in advance, many of the props on the demo will be Red, Green and Black, there will be sound systems, banners, and carnival props. We will make plaques to put on buildings to mark out the hiding places of power

A walking tour will be organised of the West End so people can get to know the area in the run up to J11

A map will be produced showing the hiding places of power in the West End A press release for mainstream media should go out when the map is released

We have agreed to contact War on Want and Jubilee Debt Campaign. We should write a generic paragraph inviting other groups to participate in J11. We will contact these people when the map is published

Infotour – There is a £600 budget for the international infotour. If we are successful in our funding application we will allocate a further £250. There is a plan for an infotour taking in Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Freiburg, Frankfurt? Munich, Amsterdam, Copenhagen? Malmo?


The following proposal was agreed. “The media working group can answer questions from mainstream media by email if two or more members of that group OK the answers before they are sent out. There will be a 12 hour time limit for people to block emails out to the media.”

We will propose content to be sent to the media on the media list – [email protected]

People who feel strongly about the relationship with media should join the above list. An email will be sent to to the main list to tell people about this decision.

A media policy statement is to be drafted to go on website, at the bottom of press releases etc. along the lines of “StopG8 is a network of individuals, and no one individual represents the network.”

How we will deal with different types of media:

We won’t do interviews for non-print mainstream media. For alternative media we will do interviews speaking as individuals.

If someone is going to do an interview with a non-mainstream outlet they should say on the media list first.

A group has taken on trying to get stuff into alternative media. Proposed articles will be sent to the comms list and left there for 12 hours for comments or blocks before publishing

Facebook – The Social Media Group proposed that A) we continue to use the Facebook page and B) they set up an event.

Concerns were raised about encouraging people to use a corporate platform which passes information to the authorities and which gives the police an oppurtunity to create profiles of activists. Conversely by cutting ourselves off from facebook we would be cutting ourselves

off from lots of people who would otherwise be interested.

Twitter – this is also a corporate platform and has many of the same problems as Facebook but is used more as a news source than Facebook. .

Proposal – we endorse the social media group to continue using Social Media as effectively as possible. with info on the Facebook pages about all of the problems.

Agreed, but with loads of stand-asides (more than half the room)

Corporate Watch’s ‘Corporate Network’ magazine has a list of alternatives to Facebook. People in the room encouraged to join and support alternatives.

 January 2014 – Cardiff 

It was decided to rename the network the Anarchist Action Network (AAN), to rename the website and email lists. It was decided that AAN would support the mobilisation against the NATO summit in September 2014 and that a week long Anarchist Travelling Circus would be held in April